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We are Swabz, Swabz-an organization of two brothers brewers from a small town — Kostroma, who supported the craft revolution, rapidly moving across our vast country.
It all started with the fact that back in 2014, we - two brothers - Egor and Kirill tried our first beer more expensive than 100 rubles (unthinkable money for a bottle for the average person, besides 0.33)in St. Petersburg. And that bohemian drink was none other than Leffe Brune. This divine tender, soft, velvety taste won us over from the first sip. And the fragrance? The fragrance was simply fabulous, magical, many times better than the best women's perfume in the world.
We tried everything new, we tried a lot of different varieties: IP's, AP's, Stouts, Porters, Lambics, Gezas.....

It's just an amazing world of beer, and it's all made by ordinary people. We asked ourselves the question, "Why don't we do it ourselves?" After all, this interesting culture is not even known in our small townJust an amazing world of beer and all this is made by ordinary people. We asked ourselves, " why don't we do this with our own hands?» After all, this interesting culture is not even known in our small town

Little by little, we began to encourage our friends to drink these drinks, while we were working on our home brewery and studying this ancient craft...

A large 50-liter pot was given to us by our father from the warehouse at work, the chiller was twisted with the help of master classes on the Internet in our grandmother's shed on a stump from a gas pipe, some other items were carved from wood, in general, complete craft)

And yeeeeah, finally the day of the first cooking came, the first type we brewed was "Scottish ale" brewed with malt, smoked on peat, imitating the original water of Scotland, flowing from the mountain depths densely overgrown with peatlands that constantly burn.

Type after type, we gained popularity among friends, friends of friends, and in 2017 we opened our bar, where we held master classes for young brewers in our brand-new "Bavaria", brewed beer all over the world in our first pot in nature, and much, much more.

First ton
And in 2018, for the first time, we reached a large scale for us — we cooked our first ton of "FEL", which won everyone over with its mystery, color, alluring aroma, and extraordinary taste.

And so on, now we cook a ton for a ton of their signature varieties, worked out on our native saucepan

And we would like Kostroma to be associated not only with the great Romanov family but also with the Filippov brothers' brewing industry, worthy of comparison with the best Breweries in the world.

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