Evil Honey

15 15% 7,7%

… One-day winter came... And it was cold and snowy, and not a single bee could leave its shelter. The king bee began to think how he and his brothers could leave the warm shelter and go wherever they wanted, while he was cooking Wise Honey. Cooking and thinking, cooking and thinking ... and then suddenly something bubbled in the cauldron, something sparkled, and the honey flamed up red. The boldest bee tasted this honey, spun three times around its axis, its eyes turned scarlet, flames poured out of its mouth. And then, laughing ominously, he flew out into the winter expanses and soared into the sky with the cold snow, and then, more intoxicated than ever, he plopped down in a snowdrift. The bee brothers looked at each other and cheered on the new beer that worked like a charm. And the bees called this beer Evil Honey!!!

Composition: spring water, honey herbs, brewer's yeast.
Shelf life: 180 days at a temperature of +5-20
Evil Honey