Port is on fire

25 16.5% 6%

Somewhere in far-off England, in the times of gangsters and crime barons, among the port’s warehouses, dirt and injustice, where people work endlessly from dawn until nightfall, there was one master who made an incredible discovery. It was the new smoked porter, "The Port is on Fire," which changed the idea of drinks that reigned in every glass.

The master was hunted and killed by thugs who were trying to get the precious recipe. But all in vain – the recipe contained only one special ingredient that gives the drink such a magical smoky aroma. The key ingredient was peat water flowing under the ground. And how we learned this secret, you will find out after three drunk bottles.

Composition: water, barley malt, hops, brewers yeast.
Shelf life: 180 days at a temperature of +2 +20 °C
Port is on fire Port is on fire