Rye Master

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We found him! Rye Master! He knows what he's doing! Once mastered the magic art, he combined the most dangerous and intoxicating ingredients put a spell of conversion over it, and in his hands appeared a Cup with the most incredible drink in the universe. It is more than just a beer – it is rye wine: rich dark blood color. It will warm your soul and body, it will create something that you were craving, it will drive you crazy. Thick...Strong...Warming... It seems to penetrate straight into the veins and spread throughout your body, leaving a feeling of warmth, blissful calm, and omnipotence. Most importantly, in some magical way, it will make you happy and give you a feeling of incredible lightness. Don't believe me? Try it!!! But I advise you to hold on tight to the mug, otherwise, it may drug you in…

Composition: spring water, barley malt, rye malt, hops, brewers yeast
Shelf life: 6 months at a temperature of + 5-10
Rye Master Rye Master Rye Master