New beer: Evil Honey

2 февраля 2019

🎁We could not help but prepare the New Year gift for fans of the best brewery in the world.❤

😈Evil Honey😈
A winter version of your favorite honey🍯

❄.....But one day winter came...❄ And there was she is cold and snowy, and not a single bee could leave her hideout. Began the main bees doom think, how can he brothers to leave the warm shelter and go wherever they please, and in this for a while he cooked Clever Honey with bees. Boiled-boiled ... Thought-thought ... and then in the cauldron suddenly gurgled something, something sparkled and lit up honey red flame. The bravest bees have tried this honey, three times spun around its axes, his eyes turned scarlet, and from his mouth the flames fell. And then he, laughing ominously, flew into the winter expanses and soared into the sky along with the cold snow, and then drunk with him more than ever flopped into a snowdrift. Bee brothers looked at each other and rejoiced at the new beer, working miracles. And the bees called this beer Evil Honey!!!👹